Those colors we can’t see

An exciting theater play will be organized in Pécs, Hungary in spring 2022, introducing the Madam Troupe. The play entitled “Our Colors Towards You” is about discovering the meaning of colors, involving blind artists. 

Why are colors important, how do they affect us if we’ve never seen them?? 

During the play colors are mainly present from personal stories, such as moods, emotions and feelings, in order to get closer together.
Music, dance and text are equally important, all three are created during the rehearsal process, created by the artist team itself. The accessible performance affects all senses, so everyone can find it in it which can be enjoyed.
The performance will be followed by a 45-minute motion workshop, where the audience can experience how the artists worked. Actors show how they were able to convey the sensations of color to each other through movement and sound. read more