ArtCoWORKers Training Concept

This course consists of 7 modules that have been prepared by the different ArtCoWOrkers project partners, as well as an introductory module. 

All topics are in close relation to one another and pre-prepare the shadow theater plays module. The different tasks round about arranging the play: like script writing, creating figures, installations for shadow play, finding own roles in a group, concerning preparing an intercultural shadow theater play together with arts and culture workers, communication and dealing with critical situations, story writing, preparing models. Furthermore the goal is that the participant  should get acquainted with the independent living movement and the social inclusion process.

In which order could the modules and submodules be used?

The curriculum of the course differentiated by modules is described in another document, along with the development of the methodology to be used in each one. The course may be settled in person or  online through this Moodle course given the current circumstances still affected by the pandemic.

Module 0 - Introduction

The introduction part of the course deals with methodology of the ARTcoWORKers project.

Module 1 - Developing self-knowledge

The ’Developing self-knowledge’ module has three subchapters which are: self-representation, developing creativity and building self-confidence. The goals are understanding the components of creativity, developing creative thinking and dealing with self-compassion.


Module 2 - Independent living, UN CRPD and Peer Counseling

This module deals with independent living, UN CRPD and peer Counseling. The goal is learning new online tools with a focus on creativity and self reflection.


Module 3 - Union citizenship active citizenship

The Union citizenship, active citizenship module helps us to develop intercultural competences, empathy, relations with culturally different others. Title of the subchapters are globalization, active citizen; identities and interculturalism; awareness of others.


Module 4 - Communication

The communication module deals with nonviolent communication, assertive communication techniques and disability-friendly communication.


Module 5 - Inclusion

In the inclusion module we are telling positive and negative examples, specifically for the period of the pandemic or its effects. We are sharing best practices from the field of art, focusing primarily on situations of pandemic or other similar isolation.


Module 6 - Shadow theater

The shadow theatre module about reflecting and self-reflecting on the specific roles of each team member during performance design, rehearsal and production period.


Module 7 - Blended learning, e-learning

The blended learning, e-learning module deals with inclusion design and accessibility in the online space.