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Great interest in the collaboration of art and disability in Hungary

We held an intensive and active workshop on a niche topic on September 2. in Orfű/Hungary at the Natúra Pension and Apartment House. We talked about the collaboration of ARTISTS AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES with participants from both sides.  Read the full article

Those colours we can't see...

An exciting theater play will be organized in Pécs, Hungary in spring 2022, introducing the Madam Troupe. The play entitled “Our Colors Towards You” is about discovering the meaning of colors, involving blind artists. Why are colors important, how do they affect us if we’ve never seen them?? Read the full article

How to help and how not to...

Our peers with different disabilities have summed up in a short but enjoyable way how to help and not help a person with a disability. Read and spread to as many people as possible, very useful information! Read the full article


People are helpful and they are curious. They are happy to support disabled people, as long as they know how they can help and understand why certain things need to be in a particular way. Read the full article